Site Health Audit + Analysis: A report showing current SEO “status,” recent trends in traffic, how much traffic comes from branded vs non-branded KWs + current site health score & any issues.


Site Health Cleanup Work For Sites With 100 Pages or Less:

    • Metadata -> Add metadata for pages missing it. Update duplicate metadata across multiple pages, so each page has distinct metadata.
    • Headings (H1s) -> Add H1s to any pages missing them; remove duplicate/multiple H1s across a single page.
    • 404s (broken pages) -> Redirect + validate fixes in Google Search Console (+ set up Google Search Console for the site if it doesn’t already exist)
    • Broken internal + external links -> Fix all broken linking, replacing with updated links as needed & appropriate
    • Image Alt Tags -> Add tags for images that do not have them
    • Other errors, warnings & notices that may arise in the Site Health Audit
    • Goal = Improve Site Health Rating to be at least 91%

Reporting: This will detail updates made, final site health & make recommendations for next steps. We can include any of the latest news about Google Updates here too.

SEO Audit & Report

Unlock the power to optimize your site, rank better & accelerate traffic growth with an intelligent SEO audit & report that maps out where your site is at now and the best opportunities for fast growth!


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