SEO Audit


This SEO audit takes you behind the curtain to show you exactly how your site ranks, where it sits in search, and how to improve your site’s search performance and results.

Meticulously analyzing sites’ technical elements, content, user experience, and competitors, our SEO site auditor pinpoints how to fix sites while highlighting opportunities for growth.


At Captare Digital, our state-of-the-art SEO audit takes a 360° approach to evaluate current positioning in SERPs and across the industry’s competitive landscape to provide actionable insights, clear plans, and effective strategies to supercharge SEO and organic search results for any website. To do that, our powerful SEO audit checks, assesses, and reports on several elements and features, including (and not limited to):

  1. Google Penalties
  2. Organic traffic
  3. Security issues, including HTTPS
  4. Content indexability issues
  5. Mobile usability & friendliness
  6. Website & page loading speeds
  7. Core Web Vitals
  8. Broken links and broken pages
  9. User experience
  10. Sitemap issues
  11. Basic on-page SEO
  12. Content gaps
  13. Other technical issues
SEO Audit & Report

Unlock the power to optimize your site, rank better & accelerate traffic growth with an intelligent SEO audit & report that maps out where your site is at now and the best opportunities for fast growth!


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